We are going above and beyond with our procedures to do everything in our power to keep children, families and employees as safe and healthy as possible. If you want details on what we are doing or have any questions feel free to call us and we will happily talk you through our social distancing procedures, daily sanitizing procedures and our attempts at limiting exposure in the building. Teachers are wearing masks whenever possible. We are encouraging but not requiring that students do the same. We are only allowing essential workers and employees in the building. Parents are not allowed in the building unless there are special circumstances. As always we consult and prayerfully consider how to handle each situation.

Here is a brief list of some things we are doing to keep each other safe:

  1. No one in the building without a temp. check and a mask during CDC hours.
  2. Children are eating with their class and tables are at least 6 ft apart in the gym. 
  3. limiting groups on playground to one class at a time
  4. Teachers and support staff are wearing masks
  5. Students are encouraged to wear a mask
  6. bring your own water(no water fountain)
  7. daily surface sanitation
  8. daily toy sanitation
  9. daily bathroom sanitation
  10. sending home and testing anyone who might have come in contact with a positive COVID 19 case.
  11. washing our hands as much as possible

This list does not contain everything that is being done but it should give you a good idea about what we are doing. In addition the Church has a cleaning/sanitation crew that comes several times a week.

For information and data go to or


Meghan Streets, Director

Covenant CDC