Someone has said that “curriculum” is everything that happens to a school child from the moment he arrives at school until he goes home. We know it is true that everything that happens within the framework of the day profoundly affects the child, and so it is important that each day be a good one from beginning to end.

“What curriculum do you use?” The simple answer to this often asked question is that our curriculum is a “theme-based model.” A theme is an idea or topic that a teacher and children can explore in many different ways.

The theme-based curriculum model encourages children to form patterns in their learning. Patterning information really means organizing and associating new information with previously developed mental “hooks.” Brain research emphasizes the importance of forming patterns and helping children understand the connections to learning.

The theme of our curriculum for August through May is “In the Beginning.” A well-loved former director of our Child Development Center, Mrs. Lynne Catching, developed the curriculum that we use. It is as relevant today as it was the day it was written. Our curriculum is built on the philosophy that all truth is God’s truth, that we are image-bearers of the Creator, and that we are responsible to Him for the stewardship of all His gifts.

Using the days of creation as its base, the curriculum consists of units of instruction that fit together under a monthly theme. Each day of creation is expanded and explored throughout the particular month. Developmentally appropriate activities integrate literacy, social studies, math concepts, science, music, and art into the overall creation curriculum. It is a very rewarding experience for the teacher and the student when attempted with enthusiasm and creativity!