Two’s, Three’s and Four’s Classes

Miss Caroline, Miss Rhonda, Miss Kaylynn, and Miss Katie teach Two, Three, and Four- year-olds. Children are placed according to development and availability. We do consider birthdays as well, but it is not the only factor in determining class placement. The Director will work closely with parents to determine the best fit for the child. Our classrooms have two teachers at all times. We have a lead teacher and a helper in every room. We try to have no more than 15 children in the threes and 11 in the twos.

Our school follows our “In the Beginning” curriculum, which has Bible stories, verses, catechism and mottos that are meant to help encourage and grow your child spiritually. The Twos and Threes also focus on letter recognition, number sense, name recognition, colors, shapes, social skills, character development, family,  community and so much more. They do this with fun developmentally appropriate crafts, games, songs, and play. Each classroom has a daily schedule, which includes circle time, activity time, and plenty of free play.

*We do require that every child be potty-trained before attending the school.


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